Proofreading, Designing & Finalizing, Oh My!

woman-legs-walking-on-beach-with-the-sea-water_nznnikave__m0000My days lately have been filled with designing the cover of my first book and making final preparations to self publish a 31-day devotional for single mothers that God has birth through me over the last two years.  As I was working on designing the book cover earlier this week I couldn’t help but think, “Is this real life?”  Am I really going to be putting myself out into world in such a vulnerable way?  I must confess this season of my life is both exciting and slightly scary.  You see I’ve always been content to be in the background serving at my local church.  Yet, despite the fact that the background is my comfort zone, the longer I walk down the ancient path with God the more He is calling me out.

Out to do things I never asked for.

Out to do that which I sometimes feel unqualified for.

Out to do things that make me have to cling to the Holy Spirit more and more.

Out of my comfort zone!

Is the Lord calling you out?  Be obedient and step out in faith trusting that where He guides He most assuredly does provide, and oh how He provides!